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Salt & Vinegar Sea Crisps
East meets west with Sea Shanti's truly unique and delicious Salt & Vinegar Sea Crisps. These crisps are bursting with taste and goodness, and are utterly impossible to resist! Read More
Chilli Sea Crisps
These special fiery Nori thin seaweed crisps are hand seasoned and roasted on hot rocks. The seasoning is a blend of chilli, sea salt, sesame and perilla oils, which when roasted develop a delicious smoky flavour - nom nom! Read More
Sea Flakes
These flakes have a distinctly different taste to the crisps. With their own unique and rich flavour, they are a blend of sea salt, sesame and perilla oil, and have a very subtle sweet undertone. Read More
Sea Crisps
These Nori thin seaweed crisps are can be eaten as a snack on their own, in place of potato chips, or with rice dishes. A beautiful Handcrafted snack that is great for lunch boxes. Read More