image of sushi balls

Looking for a simple idea to take to that picnic tomorrow? Entree for a dinner party? A special something to take to share with friends? Try these SUSHI BALLS – they’re so fast and easy to make you’ll not only be amazed but very excited! How often do you come across a recipe for something that tastes heavenly, is visually awesome and is dead easy to make?

Really, they’re so simple, you can even get the kids to make them for you while you kick back and relax!

Ingredients:Seasoned seaweed sushi balls

  • 2 cups of uncooked brown or medium grain white rice
  • Sushi vinegar (optional – it’s just as lovely without)
  • 1 packet of Sea Shanti’s Sea Flakes

Wash and steam up your rice according to directions on the pack.

Add some sushi vinegar to taste if you like – dont make it too wet, just lightly flavour the rice.

Once the rice is cool, add the flakes, making sure to get all the seasoning (the good stuff!!) from the inside of the pack.

Roll into tablespoon sized balls. Enjoy!

Tip: You can can use a mix of white, brown and black rice to make the balls even more nutritious and exciting.


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